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Katthe Wolf

Be Strong Families 

My journey to vitality is: Reduce my use of single-use plastic & other measures to align with preserving our natural environment.

About Me

I am the CEO of Be Strong Families and a doctoral student studying fractals and transpersonal psychology

My Journey

The oceans are dying. Plastic is killing them. Birds are feeding plastic to their young and their young are dying. I know that my journey will cause me to become more conscious of what I buy and what I use and what I surround myself with. I am interested to see how this affects other aspects of my environmental and holistic vitality. 

Journey Updates

  1. Creeping back in

    March 21st, 20190 Comments

    Vigilance lapsed this past week and plastic started creeping back in. Dry cleaners use plastic sheaths. I forgot my mesh bags that I use for mushrooms at Whole Foods &…View More

  2. Thinking like an Ethiopian

    March 3rd, 20191 Comment

    When my son came here from Ethiopia, one of the things he immediately observed was that Americans were much "stupider" than Ethiopians. Why did he come to this conclusion? He…View More

  3. Moving to Mindfulness

    February 27th, 20190 Comments

    This is an environmental vitality journey, on the face of it. Previously, I had discovered the overlap between physical vitality & environmental vitality — diet to save the planet. This…View More