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Guy Schingoethe

My journey to vitality is: Learn the foundations of stand up comedy with the goal of writing and performing my own sets.

About Me

I'm a 42 year old family man and Chief Operating Officer of Be Strong Families.

My Journey

I've always had a passion for performing live on stage-music, acting, improv-but one thing I've always wanted to try is Stand Up Comedy. I've always been fascinated with the art form and interested in trying it, but something has always held me back.

Over a year ago I did some basic exploring and saw that a class was offered at a theatre that I liked. But the class days and time were not feasible. In exploring again this new year I saw the class being offered again and am ready to give it a try.

I've enrolled in a 6-week course that starts on January 7 that focuses on the foundations of standup and will prepare me to create a 5- minute set that will be performed at a class showcase and hopefully future open mics.

By the end of this journey I hope to know more about the standup community and scene in Chicagoland and go beyond the initial class to write and perform more material.

Writing and performing is a spiritual exercise for me and
exploring this new art form is an exciting journey that I think will positively impact other domains. I'm interested in seeing how I can create balance within my domains by focusing an initial effort in the spiritual domain.

Journey Updates

  1. Writers Block? Fear? Busy?

    April 23rd, 20194 Comments

    To be or not to be? Maybe that's the question, but good lord, I've been out of touch too long. My apologies. I really miss the consistency of having a…View More

  2. My first set – let me know what you think + What’s next!

    February 19th, 20194 Comments

    Okay friends, So I did it. Phase 1 complete. The last Monday of my Stand Up class concluded on February 11 with a wonderful class performance. I have to say…View More

  3. So the First Part is Over – You’re Invited

    February 10th, 20191 Comment

    Okay - so about 6 weeks ago, I posted this journey and am excited to post that tomorrow marks the last, day of phase 1 - completing the Foundations of…View More