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Nadia Washington

Be Strong Families

My journey to vitality is: I want to take time to focus more on being my best self. Taking time for me, addressing my own health needs. Looking deeper into self for what I want out of the next few months. Getting to know me better, spiritually, physically and emotionally. What makes me my best and what has made me my worst self. What love do I show myself and what keeps me grounded.

About Me

Mother of three, passionate about becoming my best version of me!

My Journey

This is a Journey of deep reflection and one that I know needed to happen. My soul awaits this awakening!

Journey Updates

  1. Back at IT again

    May 24th, 20190 Comments

    I spend some time today looking at all of the outstanding things that I wanted to focus on during this journey. As a mother I can see how things get…View More

  2. THE END GAME!!!!

    April 29th, 20191 Comment

    This was the most eventful month of this year. This is what my journey is all about. I wanted to address some of the things that were a major concern…View More

  3. Was is something BIG

    March 8th, 20190 Comments

    So I have been contemplating this lump on my leg for some time now and it has plagued me whether it's some form of Cancer. I had s friend who…View More