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To be or not to be? Maybe that’s the question, but good lord, I’ve been out of touch too long. My apologies. I really miss the consistency of having a weekly class to focus on the comedy writing, ideas, collaboration. Since the class ended, I’ve found it hard to fully commit to even going out to check out an open mic. I’ve come close a couple times, but the energy and fatigue become a factor when we’re talking about Open Mics on off week nights.

So in short…not being too hard on myself, but concerned. I don’t want to lose the energy of stand up comedy. Trust me, I’ve been thinking about a lot and considering a lot…but I haven’t jumped back in. But creativity has been alive and well, here are a couple highlights

1) I saw an incredible play – Requiem for a Heavyweight. It was tremendous and it just closed, so sorry you can’t see it. It’s up for several local Chicago awards now. And in seeing it, I connected with my friend who initially saw this journey and offered to get together for writing sessions. We discussed the idea a bit and I imagine he’ll free up a bit as well with the show over.

2) I’ve got gigs coming up with my band Faith in the Fallen – May 10…so I could use my Front Man Opportunity to test some material…Hey there’s an idea! If you’re interested – https://www.facebook.com/events/2334085153535322/ – the link contains more info

3) I wrote this song. For pleasure and for playing in my band. Take a look if you’re interested. Be gentle. It’s not a professional or even mildly prepared performance. But a jam to assist other members in learning the form.

But…prepare. Because I’m on the edge. Weather’s warming and I’m finding renewed vigor towards getting on stage for standup.

Thanks for your support.


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