About Us

Your BSF Contribution

Be Strong Families is a nonprofit dedicated to creating transformative conversations that nurture the spirit of family, promote well-being and reduce violence. Their strength-based, family-centered and trauma informed programs have been adopted and used to help vulnerable families all across the country thrive. Your contribution helps BSF continue to develop programs that prevent violence, fight oppression and bring peace to communities in need.


Vitality Cafés

Along with this website, Be Strong Families has developed a series of peer-to-peer guided discussion groups called Vitality Cafés. These 90-minute structured gatherings use the Six Domains of Vitality and proven empowered engagement to help participants come up with plans to improve their overall holistic health. Vitality Cafés are fun, inspirational and full of positive energy. A truly amazing opportunity to find the support you need to kick start your wellness journey.


Journey to Vitality Workplace Wellness Program

We offer a workplace wellness program for human resources departments that uses empowered engagement to help work families improve their overall wellness. This comprehensive program may include vitality cafés, weekly coaching, marketing materials and other fun activities to help your employees start their own Journeys to Vitality as a team. Completely scalable and adaptable, we’ll work with you to optimize your company’s JTV experience, with tactics and activities that make sense for the culture you’re trying to foster and the wellness goals your team is trying to achieve.